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S.J. Distributors LLC is a wholesale supplier specializing in a variety of vegetables, frozen meat, seafood and dry goods for the general public, restaurants and chain stores.

From our founding in 2005, our company has and is still steadily expanding. Our scale of employees has impressive growth, from a handful of drivers and sales representatives to a few hundred loyal team members committed to our mission. Our annual sales have also grown, starting from only a few hundred thousand dollars to more than 614,000,000 dollars.

At present, SJ Distributors LLC has more than 11,396 customers. The number of customers continues to increase, and the scope of customers continues to expand. In order to meet our expanding clientele’s product necessities, the Company has continued to set up additional inventory points on the West Coast, and now has a total inventory area of more than 1,087,778 sq. feet.

Along with the expansion, S.J. keeps renovating the operating systems, upholding the concepts of service orientation and assuring clients the most substantial prices while enjoying the highest quality products and services. Therefore, not only has S.J. established wonderful partnerships with a large number of customers, but also won the unanimous praise from them.

Every day (except Sunday), the Company delivers more than 215 trucks of products to customers with excellent service. Adequate resources and continuously optimized processes allow us to meet customers’ various delivery needs.

The truck is also equipped with an advanced refrigeration system to ensure that the goods can remain a good quality after leaving the warehouse. In addition, there are also advanced real-time GPS and camera systems in all the trucks, which allow us to monitor the driving habits of drivers and the route of each trip, ensuring that they can deliver goods to each customer safely and timely.

With the above advantages, our Company has attracted more and more customers, and has the ability and confidence to provide more customers with better products and more convenient delivery services to meet their demands for more diverse.

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