Merchants FAQs

S.J. Distributors LLC is a well-developed company and we have been in the industry for over a decade. Balancing customer needs and employee’s ability to support in a safe manner has always been the top priorities of our mission. We follow Occupational Safety and Health’s (OSHA) best practice to design or employee training program. Workplace and road safety are one of the main focus within our operations. In addition, customer satisfaction is what we are striving to achieve and ensuring that you as the customer could enjoy ordering from us.

As mentioned, Workplace and road safety are on the top of our focus list. All of our drivers were trained routinely and strictly complied to DMV regulations. We will ensure all the drivers pass our knowledge and driving tests before sending them onto the road. Drivers are also provided with regularly trainings to ensure they understand Safety ALWAYS comes first.

If you feel unsatisfied in any part of our products or services, please report to our customer service team via our customer Instant Massager system. All of your recommendations or criticisms are welcomed, and we will follow through all feedbacks, and upgrade our training when needed. We understand your needs and we are honor to be your preferred choice.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our company aims to create job opportunities for new immigrants, we all understand their inability to speak fluent English limits their employment probability. Therefore, we do hire certified drivers whom might be English fluent. In fact, some of our drivers might have difficulty understanding English conversations, but rest assure, all of your questions will be heard and attended to. Please utilize the customer IM system and feedback your question(s) to our customer service team. We will assign a dedicated handler to help you resolve your concerns and needs.

While hazards could not be entirely eliminated, it could be proactively reduced by a well-developed prevention system. As a well-rounded business, we focus on safety in every aspect. We are actively collecting operating data and customer feedbacks which are analyzed into information that could be used to detect and prevent potential hazards. We believe there are always room for us to become better, feedbacks are always welcome, and we will continue to improve our service. Share your opinion with us, regardless it’s good or bad, we really appreciate it.

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