S.J. Distributors Inc. is a wholesale company focus on servicing the public, restaurants and chain stores, providing any type of vegetable, frozen meat, seafood, and dry goods. From our founding in 2005, our company has and is still steadily expanding. Our scale of employees has also had impressive growth, from a handful of drivers and sales representatives to a few hundred loyal team members committed to our cause. Our yearly sales quotas have also grown, starting from only a few hundred thousand to rapidly surpassing 250,000,000 in our current day. Presently, S.J. Distributors Inc. services more than 5,520 customers and continues to unceasingly grow. Our area of distribution also continues to expand without end in sight. In order to satisfy our ever expanding client base and their product necessities, our company has increased the overall warehouse storage in California. Currently we possess more than 438,000 sq. ft. of warehouse storage. Along with the rapid expansion of our company, we never stop renovating our operating systems, upholding the concepts of service orientation and assuring clients the most substantial prices while enjoying the highest quality products and service. Therefore, not only has our company established wonderful relationships with a vast amount of clients, we have received consistently favorable ratings from them. Every day, (except Sunday) our company dispatches more than 119 of the finest drivers to deliver products to our customer with excellent service. Sufficient resources and never ending optimization of our workflow allows us to fulfill any and all customer necessities.
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